Tales from the Mall

Tales from the Mall

Ewan Morrison

Fashion, nutrition courts, underwear, fireplace bombing, suicide, loose parking—welcome to the mall.  Winner of the Guardian's now not the Booker Prize and Glenfiddich author of the Year.

Why may one girl threaten to kill one other for a couple of discounted footwear? Why are cross-dressers attracted to mall vehicle parks? What do impulse buys need to do with rioting? How are a few department stores "vampiric" while others are "pregnant?" And why are industry learn businesses hiding the reality from us?  A mash-up of fiction, essays and precise stories, this collection tells of the upward thrust of the main iconic image of our sleek age: the shopping center. From more than 100 interviews and confessions, Ewan Morrison re-tells the true-life stories of these who paintings, store, or even locate love within their walls. With wry wit, perception, and compassion, he finds how shops manage our feelings, how they're a terrific house to fulfill a brand new lover or to kill your self, and the way they're taking up the world. As procuring department stores unfold around the globe on the awesome velocity of 1 new mall each seventy two hours, and everybody, in each nation finally ends up donning an identical models, Tales from the Mall offers us a page-turning journey of the background of the mall and a imaginative and prescient of our coming destiny. Packed packed with extraordinarily tweetable evidence and intestine wrenching, occasionally hilarious tales; this e-book will switch how you take into consideration your hair colour, your loyalty playing cards, the worldwide economic climate, and your boyfriend or girlfriend—forever.

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