Taxi Delivery

Taxi Delivery

Brooke Williams

Jed Leida enjoys his activity as a taxi driving force as he can pay his method via legislation institution. He alternatives up loads of attention-grabbing humans and drives them to destinations far and wide ny. but if pregnant Sadie Walker jumps into his cab one morning, he immediately feels a reference to her as he seems to be into her eyes in the course of the rear view mirror.

After a number of moments in their force, even though, Sadie is going into hard work and has her child correct there behind his cab. while Sadie is carted off to the medical institution with out Jed ever catching her identify, he figures that's the finish in their tale, yet he easily can’t permit pass.

Once they re-connect, their emotions start to develop yet then, the baby’s father enters the image. Can they triumph over previous secrets and techniques and locate the affection that God intended for them to have with each other?

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