Terror Is My Trade

Terror Is My Trade

Crossing the Atlantic on NATO’s behalf, Drum tangles with mobsters, blackmail, and murder.

As the H.M.S. Queen Victoria pulls out of latest York Harbor, hazard encircles Chester Drum. He’s crusing for Europe at the biggest luxurious liner ever equipped, yet it’s now not sufficiently big to carry the secrets and techniques on board - or the lads who preserve them. And by the point the lining reaches Southampton, she is going to be lacking a couple of passengers. Drum can purely desire he isn’t between those that don’t make it to shore.

Hired via a NATO functionary as a bodyguard, the personal investigator speedy learns his actual project: keeping his purchaser from a Chicago mobster with desires of blackmail. preserving the mafia at bay is difficult sufficient, but if a country division colleague leads to the road of fireplace, Drum units his brain on getting even. in any case, there isn't any greater spot for vengeance than the icy waters of the open sea.

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