Tewkesbury 1471: The last Yorkist victory (Campaign)

Tewkesbury 1471: The last Yorkist victory (Campaign)

Christopher Gravett

during this booklet Christopher Gravett info the climactic occasions of 1471 and the conflict that just about extinguished the Lancastrian reason. After the crushing Yorkist victory at Towton in 1461, King Edward IV seemed to have triumphed in England's bloody Wars of the Roses (1455-1485). The Lancastrian King Henry VI was once even a prisoner within the Tower of London. by means of 1470, even though, Edward's erstwhile best friend the Earl of Warwick – The 'Kingmaker' – had joined the Lancastrians and a last reckoning used to be inevitable. Warwick perished at Barnet in April 1471, and on four might Edward faced his enemies, together with Edward, Prince and final desire of the home of Lancaster, at Tewkesbury.

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