The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear (Zamonien, Book 1)

The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear (Zamonien, Book 1)

Walter Moers

Captain Bluebear tells the tale of his first 13-1/2 lives spent at the mysterious continent of Zamonia, the place intelligence is an infectious ailment, water flows uphill, and hazards lie in watch for him round each corner.

"A bluebear has twenty-seven lives. I shall recount 13 and a half them during this ebook yet hold quiet concerning the rest," says the narrator of Walter Moers’s epic experience. "What concerning the Minipirates? What concerning the Hobgoblins, the Spiderwitch, the Babbling Billows, the Troglotroll, the Mountain Maggot… Mine is a story of mortal risk and everlasting love, of hair’s breadth, last-minute escapes." Welcome to the wonderful global of Zamonia, populated by means of all demeanour of awesome characters. It’s a land of innovative lunacy and ultimate experience, depraved satire and epic fable, all combined jointly, grew to become on its head, and lavishly illustrated by way of the writer.

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