The 290

The 290

Scott O'Dell

Jim Lynne is idly enjoying darts in Liverpool while his brother, Ted, calls him over to a desk to invite a question in regards to the send that he's engaged on. it sort of feels the send, enigmatically named the 290, isn't the shipment send that individuals are announcing it truly is. no matter what its objective, it truly is definitely outfitted for pace. yet Jim thinks he is familiar with that objective: it's being outfitted for the accomplice navy.

And so launches the tale of the intertwined fates of a boat and a boy. The send may pass down in background as probably the most recognized vessels of the Civil conflict. initially the 290, she might end up referred to as the Alabama. Jim, whose father is a slave dealer, must reconcile his personal hatred for slavery together with his love for the send he made and the captain who sails her. future will supply him an opportunity to just do that...

"Once back [Scott O'Dell] is ready to refract common issues of liberty and self-awareness via history's prism."
-School Library Journal

"The writer monitors his specified presents for distilling value from ancient subject and for facing the ocean. ... With full of life dialog and with expanding rigidity, from confrontations at sea and aboard Jim's send, the writer crisply tells the tale, skillfully integrating ancient components. ... instantly captures the reader's interest." -Horn booklet

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