The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

Dav Pilkey

Move over, Dav Pilkey, it really is George and Harold's flip to inform the story of the all-new superhero who is speedier than a rushing stroller and extra robust than diaper rash. Make means for great Diaper Baby!

Oh, no! It appears like George and Harold are in hassle back. . . . As punishment, the men need to write a 100-page document on "good citizenship," they usually were in particular ordered to not make one other comedian approximately Captain Underpants. So what do they do? they bring an all-new superhero . . . great Diaper child! tremendous Diaper Baby's archenemy, Deputy risky, desires to scouse borrow his powers and take over the planet. Will the diaper-wearing dynamo defeat the deputy, or is the full Earth doomed?

This new paper-over-board variation features a 16-page behind-the-scenes bonus section!

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