The Amazing Life of Cats

The Amazing Life of Cats

Candida Baker

Stories of feline antics, striking talents, and interactions with their humans make this collection a must-have for cat enthusiasts everywhere

"If you need to be aware of the nature of a guy, discover what his cat thinks of him."  —Anonymous

Humanity has worshipped cats in a single shape or one other for millions of years. This wealthy selection of real cat tales celebrates many tiny miracles and heart-warming moments, in addition to feats of remarkable mischief, braveness, and sacrifice. Few animals make their presence felt in our lives the way in which cats do. Even those that understand cats are nonetheless awed through their bold and backbone, their fearlessness and interest, and their marvelous powers of persuasion that verify they mainly get what they want. This is the ideal e-book for somebody whose lifestyles has been enriched by means of a number of tom cat friends.

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