The Art of Life

The Art of Life

Zygmunt Bauman

In our individualized society we're all artists of existence – no matter if we all know it or no longer, will it or now not and prefer it or no longer, through decree of society if no longer through our personal selection. during this society we're all anticipated, rightly or wrongly, to provide our lives objective and shape by utilizing our personal talents and assets, whether we lack the instruments and fabrics with which artists’ studios have to be built for the artist’s paintings to be conceived and carried out. And we're praised or censured for the consequences – for what we've controlled or did not accomplish and for what we've got completed and misplaced.
In our liquid smooth society we're additionally taught to think that the aim of the artwork of lifestyles could be and will be happiness – although it’s no longer transparent what happiness is, the photographs of a cheerful nation maintain altering and the nation of happiness continues to be as a rule anything yet-to-be-reached.

This new ebook through Zygmunt Bauman – some of the most unique and influential social thinkers writing this day – isn't really a e-book of designs for the artwork of existence nor a ‘how to’ publication: the development of a layout for all times and how it truly is pursued is and can't yet be a person accountability and person accomplishment. it really is as an alternative a super account of stipulations lower than which our designs-for-life are selected, of the restrictions that would be imposed on their selection and of the interaction of layout, coincidence and personality that form their implementation. final yet now not least, it's a learn of the ways that our society – the liquid smooth, individualized society of shoppers – impacts (but doesn't be certain) the best way we build and narrate our existence trajectories.

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