The Articulate Mammal: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics

The Articulate Mammal: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics

An validated bestseller, The Articulate Mammal is a concise and hugely readable advent to the most themes in psycholinguistics. This 5th version brings the ebook updated with fresh theories, together with new fabric on:

  • the hazard of a ‘language gene’
  • post-Chomskyan ideas
  • language inside of an evolutionary framework
  • spatial cognition and the way this impacts language
  • how teenagers turn into acclimatized to speech rhythms ahead of delivery
  • the acquisition of verbs
  • construction and cognitive grammar
  • aphasia and dementia.

Requiring no past wisdom of the topic, bankruptcy by way of bankruptcy, The Articulate Mammal tackles the elemental questions valuable to the learn of psycholinguistics. Jean Aitchison investigates those concerns in regards to animal communique, baby language and the language of adults, and contains within the textual content complete references and valuable feedback for extra reading.

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