The Atlantis Code (Thomas Lourds, Book 1)

The Atlantis Code (Thomas Lourds, Book 1)

Charles Brokaw

A thrill-seeking Harvard linguistics professor and an ultrasecret department of the Catholic Church move head-to-head in a race to discover the secrets and techniques of the misplaced urban of Atlantis. The ruins of the technologically-advanced, eerily-enigmatic old civilization promise their discoverer reputation, fortune, and tool… yet carry earth-shattering secrets and techniques concerning the starting place of man.

While world-famous linguist and archaeologist, Thomas Lourds, is capturing a movie that dramatizes his flamboyant existence and clinical achievements, satellites spot impossibly historical ruins alongside the Spanish coast. Lourds understands precisely what it ability: the misplaced Continent of Atlantis has been discovered. The race is on, and Lourds' challengers will do something to get there first.

Whoever controls the misplaced Continent will keep an eye on the world.

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