The Bard and the Beast (The Kingdom of Wrenly)

The Bard and the Beast (The Kingdom of Wrenly)

Jordan Quinn, Robert McPhillips

Prince Lucas discovers that usually song is the single option to defeat a savage beast during this latest event from the fantastical nation of Wrenly series.

Prince Lucas doesn't are looking to discover ways to play the lute. He may a lot otherwise be outdoor exploring along with his ally Clara. whilst a touring bard will pay a trip to the fort, he attempts to persuade the younger prince that there's magic in track, yet Lucas isn’t falling for it. And whilst the 2 opt for a stroll within the hills and bump into a ferocious monster, Lucas learns that the bard may well simply be telling the reality after all.

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on nearly each web page, the dominion of Wrenly bankruptcy books are ideal for starting readers.

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