The Battle for Commitment Planet (Helfort's War, Book 4)

The Battle for Commitment Planet (Helfort's War, Book 4)

Graham Sharp Paul

It was once insane, it was once suicidal, it was once wrong—

—and by way of God he used to be going to do it.

The Hammer Worlds have Helfort precisely the place they need him.The ultimatum is brutal and distinct. until the Federated hero surrenders, the Hammer World's prisoner Anna Cheung—the simply girl Helfort has ever loved—will be passed over to a host of wicked soldiers to be violated, then accomplished through firing squad.

Helfort can obey, or he can do what the workforce proposes: sail his 3 frontline dreadnoughts into the Hammers' stronghold—Commitment Planet—, release Anna and the remainder of the POWs held captive there, and proceed the struggle within the jaws of the enemy.

Helfort's choice? carry it on.

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