The Battle of Devastation Reef (Helfort's War, Book 3)

The Battle of Devastation Reef (Helfort's War, Book 3)

Graham Sharp Paul

If he survives, hell simply may perhaps freeze over.

The savage Hammer Worlds will not be in simple terms close to invincible yet virtually guaranteed to win their warfare to weigh down the Federated Worlds and regulate human space—unless the Feds can locate and smash their mystery antimatter warhead facility.

Only dreadnoughts, the lone Federated ships capable of stand up to antimatter missile assaults, can do the activity, and simply Lieutenant Michael Helfort has the ability to guide them. yet ability will not be adequate, simply because Helfort is greater than the newly appointed captain: He's a hero, and which means his personal senior officials wish him to fail—and that the enemy's kingpin wishes him dead.

Helfort's early victories simply accentuate everyone's choice. No motion is just too low, no fee too excessive, to carry him down—with treachery, or betrayal, or a proposal he can't refuse, whether it skill promoting out his personal aspect.

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