The Bestiary

The Bestiary

Nicholas Christopher

From “a author of outstanding gifts,” “Borges with emotional weight, comes a story that's immediately a fantastical old secret, a haunting love tale, and a glimpse into the uncanny—the quest for a long-lost ebook detailing the animals left off Noah’s Ark.

Xeno Atlas grows up within the Bronx, his Sicilian grandmother’s unusual tales of animal spirits his in basic terms break out from the legacy of his mother’s early dying and his stern father’s lengthy absences as a standard seaman. Shunted off to an remoted boarding institution, along with his father’s actions in another country and the resource of his newfound wealth grown more and more mysterious, Xeno turns his early fascination with animals right into a own obsession: his look for the Caravan Bestiary. This medieval textual content, misplaced for 8 hundred years, supposedly info the animals no longer granted passage at the Ark—griffins, hippogriffs, manticores, and basilisks—the vanished remnants of a misplaced international occasionally glimpsed within the shadowy recesses of our own.

Xeno’s quest takes him from the tenements of recent York to the jungles of Vietnam to the traditional libraries of Europe—but it's only by means of riddling out his circle of relatives secrets and techniques that he can desire to discover what he's trying to find. a narrative of panoramic scope and highbrow suspense, The Bestiary is eventually a story of heartbreak and redemption.

From the Hardcover edition.

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