The Buried Pyramid

The Buried Pyramid

Jane Lindskold

Plucky younger Jenny Benet, a lately orphaned American lady who was once raised at the Wild West frontier and informed at a Boston completing college, has come to Egypt in corporation together with her uncle Neville Hawthorne, a trendy British archaeologist. they are a part of a group investigating the mythical Buried Pyramid, the tomb of the pharaoh Neferankhotep -- who can also were Moses the Lawgiver.

But they are not the single ones drawn to the positioning. one other social gathering, led through the opulent and treacherous girl Audrey Cheshire, is shadowing theirs. a person who indicators himself "The Sphinx" has been sending threatening letters -- written completely in hieroglyphics. In Egypt, an old and shadowy association turns out decided to maintain the tomb from being discovered.

But mortals will not be all that stands of their way.

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