The Closing Circle: Nature, Man, and Technology

The Closing Circle: Nature, Man, and Technology

Barry Commoner

Discusses the technological, political, and social components contributing to environmental destruction and cites case histories which remove darkness from the ecology crisis

From bankruptcy One:

This e-book . . . starts with the ecosphere, the surroundings within which civilization has performed its great--and terrible--deeds. Then it strikes to an outline of a few of the wear and tear we have now performed to the ecosphere--to the air, the water, the soil. besides the fact that, via now such horror tales of environmental destruction are regular, even tiresome. less transparent is what we have to study from them, and so i've got selected much less to shed tears for our prior errors than to attempt to appreciate them. so much of this booklet is an attempt to find which human acts have damaged the circle of existence, and why. I hint the environmental challenge from its overt manifestations within the ecosphere to the ecological stresses which they mirror, to the faults in efficient technology--and in its clinical background--that generate those stresses, and at last to the commercial, social, and political forces that have pushed us down this self-destructive direction. All this within the hope--and expectation--that after we comprehend the origins of the environmental quandary, we will be able to start to deal with the large venture of surviving it.

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