The Complete How to Speak Southern

The Complete How to Speak Southern

Steve Mitchell

The giggle sensation that swept the state, How to talk Southern and More the best way to communicate Southern, is now accumulated in a single complete–and thoroughly hilarious–volume. Embraced by way of Southerners in every single place and devoted to all Yankees within the wish that it'll educate them to speak correct, this uproarious e-book decodes “Suthun” wit and knowledge for “Nawthun” upstarts far and wide. From “aig” (a breakfast nutrition that could be fried, scrambled, boiled, or poached) to “zackly” (as in “precisely”), here’s only a sampling of what you’ll locate inside:

ATTAIR: Contraction used to point the explicit merchandise wanted. “Pass me attair gravy, please.”
EVERWHICHAWAYS: To be scattered in all instructions. “You must have been there whilst the educate hit that fowl truck. Them chickens flew everwhichaways.”
YONTNY: do you need any. “Yontny extra corn bread?”

Funny in addition to informative, this laugh-out-loud dictionary will retain you guffawing and learning–no topic the place you fall at the Mason-Dixon Line!

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