The Conundrum

The Conundrum

David Owen

The Conundrum is a mind-changing manifesto concerning the atmosphere, potency and the genuine route to sustainability.

Hybrid automobiles, quickly trains, compact florescent mild bulbs, sun panels, carbon offsets: every thing you have been informed approximately dwelling eco-friendly is fallacious. the search for a step forward battery or a a hundred mpg automobile are harmful fantasies. we're shoppers, and we adore to devour eco-friendly and successfully. yet David Owen argues that our greatest intentions are nonetheless at go reasons to our actual target - dwelling sustainably and taking care of our surroundings and the way forward for the planet. potency, as soon as thought of the holy grail of our environmental difficulties, seems to join the challenge. Efforts to enhance potency and elevate sustainable improvement merely exacerbate the issues they're intended to unravel, extra than negating the environmental earnings. now we have little difficulty turning raises in potency into raises in consumption.

David Owen's The Conundrum is a chic nonfiction narrative packed with attention-grabbing info and anecdotes takes you thru the background of power and the search for potency. this can be a publication concerning the setting that may switch the way you examine the realm. we must always now not be anticipating a few geniuses to invent our means out of the strength and monetary situation we are in. We have already got the know-how and data we have to stay sustainably. yet do we do it?

That is the conundrum.

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