The Crusading Wizard (Wizard in Rhyme, A)

The Crusading Wizard (Wizard in Rhyme, A)

Christopher Stasheff


From past the mountains, a massive scourge sweeps down the steppes--a bloodthirsty barbarian horde, possible unending in numbers and hell-bent on conquest. With every one country that falls earlier than their murderous onslaught, the marauders draw toward Merovence, the place stable Queen Alisande principles with the aid of her husband, Royal Wizard Matt Mantrell.

Now Matt and Alisande obtain an pressing demand aid from Jerusalem-- destined to be the barbarians' subsequent goal. but if Matt arrives within the Holy urban to evaluate the upcoming probability, he makes a surprising discovery: The power-mad khan who ideas the ravaging minions is in league with a miles higher and extra dreadful enemy! due to his previous best friend the djinn princess, a massive conversing fowl, and a fledgling enchantress with the ability to alter right into a cat, Matt needs to name upon each source, magical and mortal, to defy the triumph of natural evil . . .

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