The Culture of the Copy: Striking Likenesses, Unreasonable Facsimiles

The Culture of the Copy: Striking Likenesses, Unreasonable Facsimiles

Hillel Schwartz

The tradition of the reproduction is a unique try to make experience of the Western fascination with replicas, duplicates, and twins. In a piece that's breathtaking in its artificial and demanding achievements, Hillel Schwartz charts the repercussions of our entanglement with copies of all types, whose presence alternately sustains and overwhelms us. This up-to-date variation takes discover of modern shifts in inspiration with reference to such matters as organic cloning, conjoined twins, copyright, electronic copy, and a number of character affliction. right now abbreviated and sophisticated, will probably be of curiosity to an individual excited by difficulties of authenticity, id, and originality.

Through fascinating, and from time to time funny, ancient research and case experiences in modern tradition, Schwartz investigates a beautiful array of simulacra: counterfeits, decoys, mannequins, and pix; ditto marks, genetic cloning, warfare video games, and camouflage; quick replays, electronic imaging, parrots, and photocopies; wax museums, apes, and artwork forgeries -- let alone the very concept of the genuine McCoy.

Working via various theories on organic, mechanical, and digital replica, Schwartz questions the trendy esteem for authenticity and forte. The tradition of the Copy exhibits how the moral dilemmas critical to such a lot of fields of recreation became inseparable from our pursuit of copies -- of the wildlife, of our personal creations, certainly of our very selves. The e-book is an leading edge combination of microsociology, cultural historical past, and philosophical mirrored image, of curiosity to somebody keen on difficulties of authenticity, identification, and originality.

Praise for the 1st edition

"[T]he author...brings his huge artificial powers to endure on our uneasy preoccupation with doubles, likenesses, facsimiles, replicas and re-enactments. I doubt that those cultural phenomena have ever been extra comprehensively or extra creatively chronicled.... [A] publication that will get you to work out the area anew, again." -- The manhattan Times

"A sprightly and disconcerting piece of cultural background" -- Terence Hawkes, London overview of Books

"In The tradition of the replica, [Schwartz] has written the fitting ebook: unique and repetitive at once." -- Todd Gitlin, l. a. instances publication evaluate

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