The Daughters of England: Volumes 1-3

The Daughters of England: Volumes 1-3

Philippa Carr

the 1st 3 books of Philippa Carr’s celebrated Daughters of britain sequence are choked with romance, secret, and epic ancient sweep

The Miracle at St. Bruno’s

During the tumultuous reign of King Henry VIII, Damask Farland, named after a rose, is captivated by way of the mysterious orphan Bruno. stumbled on upon the abbey altar on Christmas morning, then raised by means of clergymen, Bruno turns into the nice guy whom Damask grows to love—only to be shattered by way of his merciless betrayal.

The Lion Triumphant

While the contention among Inquisition-torn Spain and Elizabethan England seethes, Captain Jake Pennlyon flourishes as a fearsome and virile plunderer who takes what he wants—and his attractions are set on Catherine Farland. Blackmailed into wedlock, Cat vows to flee. destiny intervenes whilst she’s taken prisoner aboard a Spanish galleon . . . unaware that she’s a pawn in a single man’s long-awaited revenge.

The Witch from the Sea

Linnet Pennlyon, proud daughter of a sea captain, unearths herself in a vicious capture: being pregnant has compelled her to marry the crafty Squire Colum Casvellyn. as soon as their child is born, she devotes herself to their son. but, bit by bit, opposed to her will, Linnet reveals herself attracted to her passionate, mercurial husband. darkish secrets and techniques lurk of their citadel, and while a gorgeous stranger washes up at the shore, Linnet abruptly reveals she’s not

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