The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

Carl Sagan

"A excellent publication . . . A lively safety of technology . . . From the 1st web page to the final, this e-book is a manifesto for transparent thought."

*Los Angeles Times

"POWERFUL . . . A stirring safety of trained rationality. . . wealthy in spectacular info and lovely writing."

*The Washington publish publication World

How do we make clever judgements approximately our more and more technology-driven lives if we do not comprehend the adaptation among the myths of pseudoscience and the testable hypotheses of technological know-how? Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and wonderful astronomer Carl Sagan argues that medical considering is important not just to the pursuit of fact yet to the very health of our democratic institutions.

Casting a large web via background and tradition, Sagan examines and authoritatively debunks such celebrated fallacies of the previous as witchcraft, religion therapeutic, demons, and UFOs. And but, disturbingly, in cutting-edge so-called details age, pseudoscience is burgeoning with tales of alien abduction, channeling prior lives, and communal hallucinations commanding growing to be recognition and appreciate. As Sagan demonstrates with lucid eloquence, the siren music of unreason is not only a cultural fallacious flip yet a deadly plunge into darkness that threatens our most simple freedoms.


*USA Today

"A transparent imaginative and prescient of what solid technology capacity and why it makes a distinction. . . . A testimonial to the facility of technology and a caution of the hazards of unrestrained credulity."

*The Sciences


*San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle

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