The Departure: The Owner: Book One

The Departure: The Owner: Book One



An overpopulated global is below the brutal, high-tech thumb of the Committee. Towering robotic shepherds, pain-inducers, and reader weapons keep keep watch over over lots of zero-asset voters, yet for the elite this no longer adequate. Twelve billion needs to humans needs to die ahead of the Earth might be stabilized, and the Argus satellite tv for pc laser community is nearly ready.

Waking in a crate destined for an incinerator, Alan Saul recalls simply soreness and his torturer’s face. yet he has corporation: Janus, a rogue AI inhabiting the forbidden in his cranium. Saul intends to prevent Argus and get his revenge at the Committee–once he reveals out who he used to be.


deserted by means of the Committee, the Antares Base faces extinction. The colonists there'll now not be returning to Earth nor will they be receiving any extra offers or aid. until they're very creative, they are going to run out of assets and be lifeless inside of 5 years.

as though that’s no longer dire sufficient, Varalia Delex reveals herself stuck in a violent strength fight with the base’s ruthless political officers–who see each person else as expendable. As spilled blood turns the crimson Planet even redder, Var discovers that Mars holds very new and engaging how one can die

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