The Devil's Nebula (Weird Space, Book 1)

The Devil's Nebula (Weird Space, Book 1)

Eric Brown

Ed Carew and his small ragtag staff are smugglers and ne'erdo- wells, thumbing their noses on the growth, the large human hegemony extending throughout millions of worlds... until eventually the day they're stuck, and provided a decision among operating for the growth and an ignominious dying. they have to trespass around the area of humanity's neighbours, the Vetch – the inscrutable alien race with whom humanity has warred, at poor price oflife, and only in the near past arrived at an uneasy peace – and into uncharted area past, one of the unusual worlds of the Devil's Nebula, trying to find long-lost settlers.

A new evil threatens not just the growth itself, however the Vetch besides. in the end, the survival of either races may possibly depend upon their skill to put apart their modifications and co-operate.

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