The Dungeon

The Dungeon

Lynne Reid Banks

In the aftermath of the murderous savagery among rival Scottish lairds, Bruce MacLennan instructions the development of a fortress with a dungeon less than. in the course of its development, he travels to the far off after which nearly unknown land of China, the place he joins a troop of mercenary infantrymen -- all to distract him from his memories.

In a terrible teahouse, he encounters the kid Peony, and, on impulse, buys her to be his attendant. regardless of his harshness towards her, she serves him faithfully. After many adventures, they go back to Scotland, the place MacLennan's citadel -- and his deliberate revenge -- look ahead to him.

Within those darkish partitions, Peony unearths a brand new existence and unforeseen happiness. For MacLennan the time has come to fill the dungeon with its destined prisoner. yet he doesn't dream of the negative coincidence -- one who won't lock away his outdated enemy -- however the most valuable individual in his life.

Celebrated writer Lynne Reid Banks takes us again to the fourteenth century during this compelling epic of 1 lord's sour fight, his quest for vengeance, and the tragic awakening of his frozen heart.

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