The Ecotechnic Future: Envisioning a Post-Peak World

The Ecotechnic Future: Envisioning a Post-Peak World

John Michael Greer

“[John Michael] Greer’s paintings is little short of excellent. He has the multidisciplinary smarts to deeply comprehend our human difficulty as we stand at the verge of the inevitable cave in of industrialism. And he wields unusual writing abilities, making his prognosis and prescription unique, illuminating, and virtually informative. to not be missed.”—Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, put up Carbon Institute and writer of Peak Everything

“There is a smart deal of traditional knowledge approximately our collective ecological concern available in the market in books.  the big advantage of John Michael Greer’s paintings is that his knowledge is rarely traditional, yet profound and imaginative.  There’s nobody who makes me imagine harder, and The Ecotechnic Future pushes Greer’s imaginative and prescient, and our notion strategies in vital directions.” —Sharon Astyk, farmer, blogger, and writer of Depletion and Abundance and A kingdom of Farmers 

“In The Ecotechnic Future, John Michael Greer dispels our fantasies of a tidy, managed transition from commercial society to a post-industrial milieu. the method can be ragged and rugged and won't at all times represent an evolutionary jump for the human species. it is going to, even though, supply myriad possibilities to create a society that bolsters advanced know-how which even as continues a sustainable interplay with the atmosphere. Greer brilliantly evokes us to combine the 2 in our considering and to build neighborhood groups which concretely exemplify this accomplished vision.” —Carolyn Baker, writer of Sacred death: jogging The religious course of commercial Civilization’s Collapse, and publisher/editor, Speaking fact to Power

In reaction to the arriving effect of top oil, John Michael Greer is helping us envision the transition from an business society to a sustainable ecotechnic world—not returning to the earlier, yet making a society that helps particularly complicated expertise on a sustainable source base.

Fusing human ecology and historical past, this publication demanding situations assumptions held through mainstream and substitute thinkers concerning the evolution of human societies. Human societies, like ecosystems, evolve in complicated and unpredictable methods, making it futile to attempt to impose inflexible ideological kinds at the styles of evolutionary switch. in its place, social switch needs to discover many pathways over which we don't have any regulate. The troubling and exhilarating prospect of an open-ended destiny, he proposes, calls for dissensus—a planned popularity of radical range that widens the variety of power techniques to infinity.

Written in 3 components, the e-book locations the current situation of the economic international in its historic and ecological context partially one; half explores the toolkit for the Ecotechnic Age; and half 3 opens a door to the complexity of destiny visions.

For somebody all for top oil and the way forward for commercial society, this publication offers a superb research of ways we bought to the place we're and gives a realistic toolkit to arrange for the future.

John Michael Greer is a qualified grasp Conserver, natural gardener, and student of ecological background. He blogs at The Archdruid Report   (, and is the writer ofThe lengthy Descent.

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