The End of Everything (New Yiddish Library Series)

The End of Everything (New Yiddish Library Series)

David Bergelson

Originally released in 1913, When All is related and Done is among the nice novels of the 20 th century. thought of David Bergelson’s masterpiece, it was once written in Yiddish and previously has been unavailable in a whole and actual English translation. This model via acclaimed translator Joseph Sherman eventually brings the radical to a large English-speaking audience.


Bergelson depicts the lives of upwardly cellular, self-aware nouveaux riche Jews within the waning years of the Russian Empire. The important personality, Mirel Hurvits, is an informed, attractive lady who embodies the clash among culture and growth, aristocracy and company. A pressured marriage of comfort ends up in Mirel’s emotional disintegration and provokes a disagreement with the expectancies of her pious kin and with Jewish culture. In a different prose form of unsurpassable diversity and sweetness, Bergelson reduces language to its naked necessities, punctuated by means of silences that heighten the feel of alienation within the story.

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