The Essential Classical Recordings: 100 CDs for Today's Listener

The Essential Classical Recordings: 100 CDs for Today's Listener

such a lot courses to classical recordings on CD contain hundreds of thousands of short listings. of their try and be finished, they turn out being heavy and intimidating. Phillips understands greater. He sticks to what he considers to be the one zero one crucial CDs, and tells readers not just why each is the simplest recording in his opinion, but in addition why this piece of song belongs of their assortment and the place thecomposer matches into the evolution of classical tune. learn consecutively, the techniques — from medieval Gregorian chant to Arvo Pärt’s Fratres, written in 1977 — shape a blinding and concise historical past of classical track.

Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart are the following, after all, in addition to different cherished yet lesser-known composers, comparable to Josquin Desprez, Anton Bruckner, and Gabriel Fauré. And renowned items, resembling Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, Handel’s The Water Music, and Elgar’s Enigma Variations, are complemented via such less-familiar yet striking compositions because the Turangalila Symphony by way of Olivier Messiaen.

Connoisseurs and die-hard listeners to “Sound recommendation” will savour having Phillips’s thoughts of particular recordings (and their catalogue numbers) among covers in the end. and people who are only commencing to discover the wealthy global of classical tune will quickly notice that Phillips is a consultant they could trust.

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