The Extraordinary Adventures of Phil Jones

The Extraordinary Adventures of Phil Jones

J. R. Karlsson

a sensible guy as soon as acknowledged that house used to be a really giant position certainly, this is often after all subjective. house is as area does and while you're being chased around the galaxy by means of a Voravian conflict cruiser it may well appear really small.

When famous person Command is threatened by means of an incoming invasion of ghastly aggressors referred to as Voravians, it falls upon one guy to save lots of humanity. unfortunately it isn't the bombastic chief of the fleet, the heroic Captain Darwin of the SCC Scavanger.

Furthermore, and particularly regrettably for everybody concerned, that one guy occurs to were a civilian selected at entire random by way of a crimson glove. His identify is Phil Jones, a slovenly middle-aged not anyone who's completely dead at every thing outdoors of a pizza field or computing device game.

This first ebook tells the exciting beginning tale of our intrepid hero's experience into the depths of the galaxy, and his next inexplicable mistakes opposed to either buddy and foe alike.

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