The Final Solution: A Story of Detection (P.S.)

The Final Solution: A Story of Detection (P.S.)

Michael Chabon

Retired to the English geographical region, an eighty-nine-year-old guy, rumored to be a once-famous detective, is extra involved in his beekeeping than along with his fellow guy. Into his existence wanders Linus Steinman, 9 years outdated and mute, who has escaped from Nazi Germany along with his sole better half: an African grey parrot.

What is the that means of the mysterious strings of German numbers the fowl spews out -- a top-secret SS code? The keys to a sequence of Swiss financial institution debts? Or do they carry a value either extra prosaic and much extra sinister?

Though the answer will be past even the succeed in of the once-famous sleuth, the real tale of the boy and his parrot is subtly published in a wrenching resolution.

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