The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush

The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush

Howard Blum

it's the final decade of the nineteenth century. The Wild West has been tamed and its fierce, self sustaining and sometimes violent larger-than-life figures – gun-toting wanderers, trappers, prospectors, Indian opponents, cowboys, and lawmen –are now sufferers in their personal luck. they're heroes who’ve outlived their usefulness.
But then gold is found in Alaska and the adjoining Canadian Klondike and a brand new frontier abruptly looms - an incredible unexplored territory choked with frozen waterways, darkish spruce forests, and towering mountains capped via glistening layers of snow and ice.

“Klondicitis,” a giddy mixture of greed and lust for experience, ignites a stampede. Fleeing the depths of a world monetary melancholy and pushed via starry-eyed visions of monstrous wealth, tens of hundreds of thousands rush northward.

Joining this throng of greenhorns and grifters, whores and highwaymen, sourdoughs and seers are 3 unforgettable males. In a true-life story that rivets from the 1st web page, we meet Charlie Siringo, a top-hand sharp-shooting cowboy who, after futilely attempting to cool down along with his new bride, turns into one of many Pinkerton Detective Agency’s shrewdest; George Carmack, a California-born American Marine who’s followed by means of an Indian tribe, increases a relatives with a Taglish squaw, makes the invention that starts the Yukon Gold Rush – and turns into fabulously wealthy; and Soapy Smith, a sly and artistic predator-conman who ideas an unlimited felony empire.

As we keep on with this trio’s lives, we’re led inexorably right into a puzzling secret. A fortune in gold bars has by some means been stolen from the fortress-like Treadwell Mine in Juneau, Alaska, without clues as to how the thieves made off with such an immensely heavy cargo.  To many it seems that the crime seriously isn't solved.  But the Pinkerton company has a name for locating the solutions that elude others.  Charged with getting the activity performed is Charlie Siringo who discovers that, to run the thieves to flooring, he needs to embark on a rugged cross-territory odyssey that may lead him throughout frigid waters and during a frozen wilderness.  finally, he’ll have his quarry in his attractions. yet then an extra problem will current itself.  He needs to face down Soapy Smith and his gang of three hundred cutthroats.  Hanging within the stability: George Carmack’s fortune in gold.

At as soon as a compelling true-life secret and an unforgettable portrait of a time in America’s heritage while hundreds of thousands have been fired with a imaginative and prescient of riches so incredible as to be worthy any cost, The ground of Heaven is additionally an exciting tribute to the braveness and undaunted spirit of the boys and ladies who assisted in shaping America.

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