The Four-Dimensional Human: Ways of Being in the Digital World

The Four-Dimensional Human: Ways of Being in the Digital World

You are a 4-dimensional human.

Each people exists in 3-dimensional, actual house. yet, as a constellation of daily electronic phenomena rewires our lives, we're more and more coaxed from the containment of our predigital selves right into a amazing and eerie fourth size, an international of ceaseless verbal exchange, immediate details, and international connection.

Our portals to this new global were wedged open, and the silhouette of a determine is slowly taking form. yet what does it suppose prefer to be 4-dimensional? How do electronic applied sciences effect the rhythms of our techniques, the fashion and tilt of our recognition? What new sensitivities and sensibilities are rising with our publicity to the delights, sorrows, and anxieties of a networked international? and the way can we dwell in public with those recoded deepest lives?

Laurence Scott―hailed as a “New iteration philosopher” by way of the humanities and arts examine Council and the BBC―shows how this 4-dimensional lifestyles is dramatically altering us via redefining our social lives and increasing the boundaries of our presence on the earth. mixing tech-philosophy with insights on every thing from Seinfeld to the autumn of Gaddafi, Scott stands with a emerging iteration of social critics hoping to appreciate our new fact. His virtuosic debut is a revelatory and unique exploration of existence within the electronic age.

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