The Glass Ocean: A Novel

The Glass Ocean: A Novel

Lori Baker

I write on reflection, from the vantage of a far off shore.
Flame-haired, six-foot-two in stocking toes, eighteen-year-old Carlotta Dell’oro recounts the lives of her parents—solitary glassmaker Leopoldo Dell’oro and lovely, unreachable Clotilde Girard—and discovers of their loves and losses, their omissions and obsessions, thecircumstances of her abandonment and the burden of her inheritance. Thomas Pynchon calls debut novelist Lori Baker “a storyteller with uncanny entry to the Victorians, not just to the heavily woven texture in their days but in addition to the damaging nocturnal fires being attended to of their hearts.”

Carlotta’s tale starts off in 1841, whilst Leo and Clotilde meet aboard the Narcissus, on an day trip led through Clotilde’s magnanimous, adventuring father. Leo is commissioned to attract the creatures of the deep sea, yet is bewitched as a substitute by means of golden Clotilde, starting a devotion that may end up inescapable. Clotilde in the meantime sees simply her expensive papa, but if he is going lacking she is driven to Leo, returning with him to the craggy English seashores of Whitby, where to which Leo vowed he might by no means return.

There they shape an uneasy coexistence, misplaced to each other. The occasions of the Narcissus hang-out them, leaving Clotilde grieving for her father, whereas Leo turns into possessed by means of the paintings of remodeling his sea sketches into glass. yet find his paintings he surrenders Clotilde, and the space among the 2 is simply magnified by means of the beginning of child Carlotta.

Years have handed, and Carlotta is now grown. a chum from the earlier involves Whitby, and along with his arrival units into movement the Dell’oros’ inevitable disintegration. In hypnotic, inimitable prose Lori Baker’s The Glass Ocean transforms a narrative of relations into whatever as otherworldly and captivating as lifestyles underneath the ocean itself.

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