The Great American Jet Pack: The Quest for the Ultimate Individual Lift Device

The Great American Jet Pack: The Quest for the Ultimate Individual Lift Device

Steve Lehto

For a number of many years, jet packs appeared to be in all places: on Gilligan’s Island, misplaced in Space, Thunderball, and even the outlet rite of the 1984 Olympics. Inventors promised we’d all be flying with them now, permitting us to zoom round without difficulty within the sky and getting us to paintings with no site visitors jams and trains. What occurred to the jet pack?


In The nice American Jet Pack, Steve Lehto offers us the definitive historical past of this and comparable units, explaining how the expertise arose, the way it works, and why we don’t have them in our garages today.


These person carry units, as they have been blandly classified through the govt males who financed a lot in their improvement, replied man’s wish to easily step outdoor and take flight. No runways, no wings, no pilot’s license have been required. hovering in the course of the air with the wind on your face and touchdown at any place there has been room to stand—could this be done? Yes, it can be, and it was.


But the jet pack was once maybe the main overpromised know-how of all time. From the rocket belt to the jet belt to the flying platform and the entire strategy to Yves Rossy’s 21st-century loose flights utilizing a jet-powered wing, this e-book profiles the inventors and pilots, the hucksters and cheats, the businessmen and squaddies who have been concerned with those machines. And it ultimately tells an excellent American tale of a know-how whose promise might, at some point, but come to fruition.

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