The Half-Made World

The Half-Made World

Felix Gilman

The international remains to be merely half-made. among the wild shorelines of uncreation, and the traditional lands of the East lies the enormous expanse of the West---young, chaotic, marvelous, war-torn.

Thirty years in the past, the crimson Republic fought to remake the West---fought gloriously, and failed. the realm that now exists has been carved out amid a battle among rival factions: the road, enslaving the area with undefined, and the Gun, a cult of terror and violence. The Republic is now historical past, and the final of its generals sits forgotten and anonymous in a madhouse at the fringe of construction. yet locked in his thoughts is a mystery that can swap the West without end, and the world's warring powers might do something to take it from him.

Now Liv Alverhuysen, a physician of the hot technological know-how of psychology, travels west, hoping to heal the general's shattered brain. John Creedmoor, reluctant Agent of the Gun and would-be gentleman of rest, travels west, too, seeking to thieve the key or die attempting. And the servants of the road are at the march.

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