The Hand and the Brain: From Lucy's Thumb to the Thought-Controlled Robotic Hand

The Hand and the Brain: From Lucy's Thumb to the Thought-Controlled Robotic Hand

This e-book provides the human hand from an total standpoint – from the 1st visual appeal of hand-like buildings within the fins of huge fishes residing thousands of years in the past to today´s and the future’s mind-controlled synthetic fingers.

Much concentration is given to the super well-developed sensation of the hand, its significance and its linkage to mind plasticity mechanisms. How can lively fingers swiftly extend their representational sector within the mind? How can the feel of contact alternative for different poor senses, akin to in Braille studying the place hand sensation substitutes for lacking imaginative and prescient? How can the mere commentary of energetic fingers, belonging to others, turn on the hand region within the observer’s personal mind and what's the significance of this phenomenon for studying through imitation and the certainty of alternative peoples’ activities, gestures and physique language? Why are a few of us left-handed and what are the results from cultural and physiological viewpoints? Why does phantom sensation and phantom discomfort ensue after hand amputation, and what do we do approximately it? Why can salamanders regenerate new extremities whereas people can't? Is it attainable to transplant a hand from a diseased person to an amputee? Can synthetic robot arms be managed by way of our brain, and will they ever achieve the position of a typical hand? What function did the hand and the mind play in the course of evolution in tool construction and improvement of language and cognitive features? The hand has a excessive symbolic price in faith, literature and artwork and our fingers have a key function in gestures and physique language.  

The Hand and the Brain is geared toward anyone with curiosity in existence sciences, within the scientific box in particular hand surgeons, orthopaedic experts, neurologists and basic practitioners, and people operating in rehabilitation drugs and discomfort remedy. the unique Swedish model of The Hand and the mind has additionally turn into very hot between physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and between a normal inhabitants with an curiosity in technological know-how.

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