The History of the Knights Templars

The History of the Knights Templars

The background of the Knights Templars is a amazing tale of triumphs and defeats, marked with controversies and tragedy.  From their upward thrust to their death, Charles G. Addison captivatingly chronicles many of the characters that performed a task in shaping this strong army order that reigned for nearly centuries throughout the center Ages.

Having tested ratings of records and texts, and traveled to the various ruined fortresses and castles of the order, Addison used to be knowledgeable at the Templars’ heritage. He insightfully info their plight during this quantity, first released in 1842. beginning with the origins of the brotherhood, the rules and beliefs of the order, and their selected image of the pink move, the writer explains their position in maintaining pilgrims touring to the Holy Land, their feats throughout the Crusades, the relationships they held with numerous kings and church leaders, their contributions to conserving Europe from Turkish conquest and keeping Christianity in Europe and Asia, and their tragic finish: stripped in their lands, tortured, and burned on the stake.  

Addison presents a transparent and understandable account of this nice non secular and armed forces fraternity of knights and priests that would engross someone attracted to their background and the center a long time.

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