The Human Story: Our History, from the Stone Age to Today

The Human Story: Our History, from the Stone Age to Today

James C. Davis

Has there ever been a historical past of the area as readable as this?

In The Human Story, James C. Davis takes us on a trip to precedent days, telling how peoples of the area settled down and based towns, conquered pals, and validated religions, and maintains over the process historical past, once they fought approximately international wars and journeyed into space.

Davis's account is fast and transparent, by no means boring or dry. He lightens it with smelly anecdotes and witty charges. even if this compact quantity will not be difficult to select up, it is certainly demanding to place down.

For instance, at the demise of Alexander the good, who in a decade had by no means misplaced a unmarried conflict, and who had staked out an empire that spanned the complete close to East and Egypt, Davis writes: "When they heard how in poor health he used to be, the king's committed troops insisted on seeing him. He could not converse, yet as his squaddies -- each one -- filed via in silence, Alexander's eyes uttered his farewells. He died in June 323 B.C., on the ripe previous age of thirty-two."

In comparable style Davis recounts Russia's triumph within the house race because it occurred on an autumn evening in 1957: "A bugle sounded, flames erupted, and with a roar like rolling thunder, Russia's rocket lifted off. It bore aloft the earth's first synthetic satellite tv for pc, a sparkly sphere the scale of a basketball. Its identify used to be Sputnik, which means 'companion' or 'fellow vacationer' (through space). The watchers shouted, 'Off. She's off. Our baby's off!' a few danced; others kissed and waved their arms."

Though we are living in an age of many doubts, James C. Davis thinks we people are advancing. As The Human Story ends, he concludes, "The world's nonetheless merciless; that is understood, / yet as soon as used to be worse. to this point so good."

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