The Idea of Hegel's "Science of Logic"

The Idea of Hegel's "Science of Logic"

Stanley Rosen

Although Hegel considered Science of Logic essential to his philosophy, it has bought scant statement in comparison with the opposite 3 books he released in his lifetime. the following thinker Stanley Rosen rescues the Science of Logic from obscurity, arguing that its overlook is answerable for modern philosophy’s fracture into many various and adversarial faculties of concept. via deep and cautious research, Rosen sheds new mild at the specified difficulties that animate Hegel’s neglected e-book and their great value to philosophical conceptions of good judgment and reason.

Rosen’s overarching query is how, if in any respect, rationalism can conquer the break up among monism and dualism. Monism—which claims a unique essence for all things—ultimately results in nihilism, whereas dualism, which claims a number of, irreducible essences, ends up in what Rosen calls “the unending chatter of the background of philosophy.” The Science of Logic, he argues, is the basic textual content to provide a brand new notion of rationalism that may conquer this philosophical cut up. best readers via Hegel’s publication from starting to finish, Rosen’s argument culminates in a masterful bankruptcy at the inspiration in Hegel. via totally appreciating theScience of Logic and situating it competently inside of Hegel’s oeuvre, Rosen in flip offers new instruments for wrangling with the conceptual puzzles that experience introduced such a lot of different philosophers to disaster.

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