The Information Bomb (Radical Thinkers)

The Information Bomb (Radical Thinkers)

Paul Virilio

“Civilization or the militarization of science?”

With this in most cases hyperbolic and provocative query as a kick off point, Paul Virilio explores the kingdom of techno-science, cyberwar and the recent details applied sciences over our lives ... and deaths. After the period of the atomic bomb, Virilio posits an period of genetic and knowledge bombs which change the apocalyptic bang of nuclear dying with the whimper of a subliminally bolstered eugenics. we're coming into the age of euthanasia.

These exhilarating announcements from the knowledge battle expand the variety of Virilio’s paintings. The details Bomb spans every thing from Fukuyama to Larry Flynt, the feeling exhibition of latest British artwork to house go back and forth, all visible throughout the optic of Virilio’s trenchant and dedicated theoretical place.

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