The Islanders

The Islanders

Christopher Priest

a gorgeous literary SF novel from the a number of award successful Christopher Priest. A story of homicide, inventive competition and literary trickery; a chinese language puzzle of a singular the place not anything is kind of what it kind of feels; a narrator whose time table is crafty and refined; a story that attracts you in and performs a sublime video game with you. 

The Dream Archipelago is an enormous community of islands. The names of the islands are assorted counting on who you seek advice from, their very destinations appear to twist and shift. a few islands were sculpted into gigantic musical tools, others are domestic to deadly creatures, others the playground for prime society. scorching winds blow around the archipelago and a battle fought among far-off continents is performed out throughout its waters. THE ISLANDERS serves either as an untrustworthy yet engaging consultant to the islands, an exciting, multi-layered story of a homicide and the suspect legacy of its attractive yet certainly untrustworthy narrator.

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