The Jokers (New York Review Books Classics)

The Jokers (New York Review Books Classics)

Who are the jokers?


The jokers are the govt, and the largest joker of all is the governor, a bug-eyed, strutting, rapacious personality of unequaled incompetence who presides over the anonymous heart jap urban the place this bubbling comedy by means of Albert Cossery is set.


The jokers also are the revolutionaries, no much less bumbling and no much less infatuated with the trimmings of strength than the govt. they oppose.


And the jokers are Karim, Omar, Heykal, Urfy, and their neighbors, loose spirits who see the opposite jokers for the jokers they're and feature cooked up a cosmopolitan and, most vital, foolproof plan to brighten up public existence with a splash of subversive humor.


The funny story is on them all.

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