The Language Wars: A History of Proper English

The Language Wars: A History of Proper English

Henry Hitchings

The English language is a battlefield. because the age of Shakespeare, arguments over right utilization were sour, and feature continuously fairly been approximately contesting values—morality, politics, and sophistication. The Language Wars examines the current nation of the clash, its historical past, and its destiny. mainly, it makes use of the earlier as a fashion of illuminating the current. relocating chronologically, the booklet explores the main persis­tent concerns to do with English and unpacks the heritage of “proper” us­age. the place did those rules spring from? Who has been at the entrance traces within the language wars?

The Language Wars examines grammar ideas, nearby accents, swearing, spelling, dictionaries, political correctness, and the function of digital media in reshaping language. It additionally takes a glance at such de­tails because the break up infinitive, elocution, and textual content messaging. Peopled with interesting characters corresponding to Jonathan rapid, Lewis Carroll, and Lenny Bruce, The Language Wars is an important quantity for someone drawn to the kingdom of the English language this day or its future.

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