The Last Boarding Party - the USMC and the SS Mayaguez 1975

The Last Boarding Party - the USMC and the SS Mayaguez 1975

Stephen Turnbull

Osprey Raid sequence #24

On April 30, 1975, the ultimate curtain of America's lengthy involvement within the Vietnam conflict fell. North Vietnamese forces captured Saigon whereas hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese refugees tried to escape walking, boat, and plane. the yank public believed that the occasions in Southeast Asia had ultimately come to a sour finish. below weeks later, President Gerald Ford ordered air, naval, and Marine forces to behavior strive against operations in waters off Cambodia. On may perhaps 12, communist Cambodian Khmer Rouge components seized the S.S. Mayaguez, an American service provider send, and its workforce in foreign waters. This act of piracy created an incident the place U.S. Marine Corps parts tried to rescue the Mayaguez, probably the most debatable raids in contemporary heritage. This booklet will tune each improvement within the undertaking , an eventual luck that validated American unravel to exploit army forces in international coverage matters after the Vietnam debacle.

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