The Left Hemisphere: Mapping Critical Theory

The Left Hemisphere: Mapping Critical Theory

Razmig Keucheyan

because the difficulty of capitalism unfolds, the desire for choices is felt ever more intensely. The fight among radical movements and the forces of response will be cruel. an important battlefield, where the end result of the drawback will partly be decided, is that of theory. Over the final twenty-five years, radical intellectuals internationally have produced very important and leading edge ideas.

The endeavour to remodel the world without falling into the catastrophic traps of the previous has been a typical element uniting those new approaches. This publication – geared toward either the general reader and the expert – deals the first international cartography of the expanding intellectual box of serious contemporary thought. greater than thirty authors and intellectual currents of each continent are provided in a transparent and succinct manner. A background of severe thought in the 20th and twenty-first centuries is additionally supplied, supporting situate current thinkers in a broader ancient and sociological standpoint.

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