The Line

The Line

Olga Grushin

Grushin's beautiful debut drew compliment that positioned her within the most sensible rank of younger literary voices. Now she returns with that rarity: a moment novel much more brilliant than her first.

the road: the common image of shortage and bureau­cracy that exists at any place petty officers are set free to abuse their powers.

the road starts to shape at the whispered rumor recognized exiled composer is returning to Moscow to behavior his final symphony. Tickets can be restricted. anonymous faces sign up for the road, jostling for most well liked place. yet as time passes and the seasons switch and the price tag kiosk is still shuttered, those nameless souls tackle person form. not going friendships are cast, long-buried stories spring to lifestyles, and a year-long wait is rewarded with unforeseen acts of kindness that ease the bleakness of harshly lived lives. A disparate gaggle of strangers evolves right into a neighborhood of buddies united of their wish to adventure tune they've got by no means been allowed to listen to.

The Line is a transformative novel that speaks to the persistence of the human spirit while it explores the ways that we love-and what we do for romance.

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