The Linnet's Tale

The Linnet's Tale

Dale C. Willard

"Share the romance, drama, and experience of small-town lifestyles one of the mice of Tottensea Burrows -- as instructed through a really pleasing chicken

within the backyard of an English cottage reside the cute, hugely literate box mice of Tottensea Burrows -- Peebles Carryforth the Mayor; Opportune Baggs, the inventor; the Fieldpea relatives with their 3 appealing daughters, Grenadine, Almandine, and Incarnadine; the widow Proserpine wallet and her younger son Farnaby; and Merchanty rapid, the daring mouse who turns into the hero of "The Linnet's Tale."

Brokenhearted while his cherished Pleasings Tatterstraw runs away with a captivating French mouse, Merchanty, a bold dealer, is going directly to turn into a mouse of capability. but if Tottensea Burrows is threatened, he hazards every little thing to rescue his pals and acquaintances. in the middle of possibility, will he locate love back?

packed with wit and sparkle and impossible to resist linguistic inventiveness, "The Linnet's story" provides natural enjoyment.

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