The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourdes)

The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourdes)

Charles Brokaw

Dr. Thomas Lourds, internationally-renowned linguist and archaeologist, has simply arrived in Istanbul to lecture on the collage. yet sooner than he even leaves the airport, Lourds is abducted and unearths himself battling for his life―and for all mankind.

Deeply hidden someplace within the urban is an historical scroll written through the writer of the Bible's booklet of Revelation―a scroll whose secrets and techniques could store or break humanity. Lourds' spiritual extremist captors want him to aid locate the rfile to accomplish their evil ends. After a determined break out and chase, Lourds searches for the scroll with the aid of a former lover, Olympia Adnan, and a perilous Irish mercenary he can't trust.

Lourds and his risky allies needs to navigate historic Constantinople's darkest depths to discover the scroll earlier than the satan himself brings the area down round them and the conflict among solid and evil involves a last showdown.

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