The Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars (2nd Edition)

The Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars (2nd Edition)

Alan Alexander, Peter Schaefer, Genevieve Cogman, Conrad Hubbard

proficient with strength by means of the Celestial Incarna Luna, the Lunar Exalted have been as soon as the pals of the sunlight Exalted and relied on Stewards of the previous Realm. Then, after the Lawgivers went mad with energy and their Dragon-Blooded troops rose as much as slay them, the Lunars retreated to the perimeters of construction, biding their time and massing their forces to at least one day convey down the hated Realm. With the Solars returning en masse, have the Lunars waited too lengthy to deliver down the previous order and substitute it, or does the go back in their historic friends sign that the time is eventually to hand for vengeance?

A personality sourcebook for Exalted featuring:

• information of the Creation-spanning Silver Pact, its ambitions and its factions

• every thing gamers and Storytellers have to generate Lunar Exalted characters, together with their Charms and shapeshifting Knacks

• ideas for the chimerae, mad Lunars whose minds and our bodies were twisted by way of the Wyld

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